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@InProceedings{ FaBoEsCaGu2010.1,
author = {Fares, Fares and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Escrig, Benoît and Calmettes, Thibaud and Guillon, Hervé},
title = "{Multiuser Detection For Asynchronous ARGOS Signals (regular paper)}",
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keywords = {multi-user receivers, ARGOS system},
abstract = {In this paper, we investigate the application of multiuser detection techniques to a Low Polar Orbit (LPO) mobile satellite used in the ARGOS system. These techniques are used to mitigate the multiple access interference in the uplink transmission of the system. Unlike CDMA, due to the Doppler Effect, each signal has a different received carrier frequency and a different propagation delay. Multiuser detection techniques are proposed for asynchronous transmission in ARGOS system: the maximum likelihood detector, the conventional detector, and the sequential interference cancellation detector, as solutions to tackle the interference effects. Bit Error Rate performance graphs are shown for these techniques.}