Bibtex de la publication

@Article{ ChBaGrCh2009.1,
author = {Choudary, Omar-Salim and Baccot, Benoît and Grigoras, Romulus and Charvillat, Vincent},
title = "{Evaluation of Multimedia Mobile Guide Applications}",
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month = {décembre},
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pages = {27--34},
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keywords = {Mobile Guide, Mobile Application, Multimedia, User Evaluation, POI},
abstract = {Mobile guide applications are among the most used pplications in Today’s smartphones. These applications provide position information, map, directory services as well as guidance. Still there are many multimedia features that could be added to these applications. We present a user study on such applications, comparing the commercial Google Maps and Nokia Maps with two prototypes that we have created to expose missing multimedia features in the commercial applications. We have evaluated the applications with real users and we have obtained direct feedback via questionnaires as well as implicit feedback using an observer framework.}