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@InProceedings{ DoMoGrMoTsBo2009.1,
author = {Doran, Andra and Mondet, Sébastien and Grigoras, Romulus and Morin, Géraldine and Tsang Ooi, Wei and Boudon, Frédéric},
title = "{A Demonstration of MobiTree: Progressive 3D Tree Models Streaming on Mobile Clients}",
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keywords = {Streaming, Plant Models, Progressive Coding, Progressive Transmission, Mobile Applications},
abstract = {We demonstrate MobiTree, a system we built, that allows progressive streaming and rendering of 3D tree models on a mobile phone. MobiTree allows user to retrieve not only typical media describing a species (such as text and image), but also a 3D model that yields detail information about the structure of the branches and the foliage. MobiTree adopts our previous proposed progressive representation to speed up display of trees at the mobile client, trading off latency and quality. Progressivity also allowsMobiTree to flexibly adopt the level of details to the capability of the mobile devices.}