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@InProceedings{ LeDa2010.1,
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keywords = {Sign Language, Posture Reconstruction, Inverse Kinematics, Mono Vision},
abstract = {This article deals with the posture reconstruction from a mono view video of a signed utterance. Our method makes no use of additional sensors or visual markers. The head and the two hands are tracked by means of a particle fil- ter. The elbows are detected as convolution local maxima. A non linear filter is first used to remove the outliers, then some criteria using French Sign Language phonology are used to process the hand disambiguation. The posture recon- struction is achieved by using inverse kinematics, using a Kalman smoothing and the correlation between strong and week hand depth that can be noticed in the signed utterances. The article ends with a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the reconstruction. We show how the results could be used in the framework of automatic Sign Language video processing.}