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@Article{ HeLoHüVe2010.1,
author = {Herzig, Andreas and Lorini, Emiliano and Hübner, Jomi F. and Vercouter, Laurent},
title = "{A logic of trust and reputation}",
journal = {Logic Journal of the IGPL, Normative Multiagent Systems},
publisher = {Oxford University Press},
address = {},
year = {2010},
month = {février},
volume = {18},
number = {1},
pages = {214--244},
language = {anglais},
URL = {},
keywords = {trust, reputation, belief, goal BDI logic, group belief},
abstract = {The aim of this paper is to present a logical framework in which the concepts of trust and reputation can be formally characterized and their properties studied. We start from the definition of trust proposed by Castelfranchi & Falcone (C&F). We formalize this definition in a logic of time, action, beliefs and choices. Then, we provide a refinement of C&F’s definition by distinguishing two general types of trust: occurrent trust and dispositional trust. In the second part of the paper we present a definition of reputation that is structurally similar to the definition of trust but moves the basic concept of belief to a collective dimension of group belief. }